The Entitlement Trap

Monday, August 22, 2011

I have heard wonderful things about Richard and Linda Eyre's newest book and their retreats at their home in Park City.  I am always wanting to become a better mom and parent and they have amazing advice and information to help any parent.  Their new book is coming out called "The Entitlement Trap: How to Rescue Your Child with a New Family System of Choosing, Earning, and Ownership"  

Here is more information about the book and how you can pre-order yours today!

NYTimes bestselling authors, Richard and Linda Eyre have written an exciting new book called The Entitlement Trap and they invite you to join them in the cause to stem the tide of entitlement that is causing so many problems in today’s world.

August 22nd is National Entitlement Awareness Day. On this day, we invite you to help us spread the word about The Entitlement Trap and pre-order it yourself. You’ll get a book that may very well change the future of your family and your children - plus you’ll get a chance to win some exciting prizes.

By pre-ordering the book (following the links at the end of this page), you will:

  • Pay about $12 rather than the $18 the book retails for after its official release
  • Be one of the first to receive the book (you’ll get it September 6th, the very day booksellers get it)

 If you have a blog and want to go the extra mile and receive an extra prize, please blog about the book and the giveaway on AUGUST 22nd (you can simply share THIS LINK on your blog) .  Can you imagine the power of 100′s of mom bloggers all blogging about the same important issue on the same day?  If you do a blog post on the 22nd and send the link and your mailing address to, the Eyres will send you your own special signed copy of the book. You’ll receive the book on September 6th, the day it is released.  If you’ve pre-ordered the book, you’ll end up with two books – one of which will make a great gift!